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  • How much will it cost to charge an EV charger in my home?
    A simple, labor-only installation (where the EV charger is provided by the customer) starts at $500 plus applicable permitting fees, depending on local permitting requirements. The cost will ultimately depend on your current electrical service and where you want the charger installed.
  • Why hire Bullet EV for the job?
    Bullet EV uses highly-trained, full-time (W-2) employees to ensure quality control and amazing customer service.
  • How will charging an EV at home affect my monthly bill?
    EV charging will definitely increase your monthly electric bill. Keep in mind, there are a number of factors affecting the price of your electricity – your individual rate plan, current monthly electrical use, the time of day you use electricity and the season (rates are higher in summer than in winter).
  • How does paying for kilowatt hours compare to buying gas?
    The cost of charging an EV may be significantly less than the cost of filling up at the gas pump. It works out to be about the same as paying $1 for a gallon of gas when charging during Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak hours on an SCE rate plan designed for EVs.
  • How does EV charging work for customers who have solar systems?
    They are eligible for the same rate options as all other EV customers. The electricity generated from a solar energy system could help offset the EV charging costs, depending on the system’s efficiency, the weather, and other factors.
  • Do all EVs use the same plug?
    No, and the answer is super-complicated. We can help you choose the charger that best suits your EV.
  • What’s the difference between a NACS and a CCS plug?
    These are two primary plug standards in the US. NACS was developed by Tesla, and used to be exclusive to Tesla EVs. But now, many new EVs will work with NACS plugs.
  • Why can’t my electrician install my EV charger?
    Your electrician certainly can, but we recommend using a specialist. (Would you have your general doctor do surgery?)
  • Why does Bullet EV always pull permits?
    Bullet EV always complies with local permitting ordinances. Not pulling the required permits can lead to problems with your home electrical system and your insurance company. We always do things by the book!
  • What’s the deal with my Wrangler 4xe?
    These vehicles are plug-in hybrids, meaning they both take gas and plug in. We can install chargers for your Jeep too!
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