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Bullet EV Charging Solutions
We Are The EV Charger People.
Certified by Industry Leaders
Bullet EV Charging Solutions

Bullet EV installs and maintains EV chargers throughout the United States. From one-off home installations to large-scale infrastructure projects, Bullet EV is the country’s most trusted electric vehicle charger installer. Our three main priorities will always be safety, safety and safety.


Hey, congrats on buying an EV! Great decision! So now you want to make sure you can charge your EV at home in the fastest, most cost-efficient way. Bullet EV can help!


Bullet EV’s technicians can provide you with a free in-home assessment to evaluate what type of EV charger your home’s wiring and electrical service can support. Our trained experts will help you understand the different charging technologies, regulatory and permitting requirements, and technical and safety standards. Bullet EV’s technicians are here to help!



For your commercial property, you’ll likely want either Level 2 chargers or Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) a.k.a. “Fast Chargers”. Fast Charger equipment enables rapid charging that can charge a battery-only EV to 80% in just 20 minutes to 1 hour. (Most plug-in hybrids currently on the market do not work with fast chargers.)


Don’t forget about those government incentives. Bullet EV can help you research and apply for federal, state, and local incentives to install charging stations.

 Say Goodbye to
Range Anxiety.

Eliminate EV range anxiety once and for all!

Range anxiety is a common concern among EV drivers who worry about whether their battery charge will take them to their destination - and what if that destination lacks a charging station? Nobody wants to experience the unpleasantness of running out of power and being left stranded on the roadside.

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Bullet EV Charging Solutions

Choosing an EV charger specialist will ensure the job is done quickly, professionally, and in a safe manner.

Bullet EV Charging Solutions
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