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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Services Limited Warranty


Customers who have purchased Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Services pursuant to a separate Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Agreement (the “Installation Agreement”) with Bullet EV Charging Solutions, LLC (“Bullet EV”) may be subject to the limited warranty set forth below (this “Limited Warranty”), as indicated and pursuant to any additional terms contained in such Customer’s Installation Agreement. All capitalized and undefined terms contained herein shall have the meanings given such terms in the Installation Agreement.


Bullet EV may, at its discretion, update this Limited Warranty at any time. Customers can access and review the most current version of this Limited Warranty at the URL for this page or by clicking on the applicable link within Bullet EV’s website(s), or as otherwise made available by Bullet EV.


Conditions. Bullet EV’s responsibility pursuant to this Limited Warranty shall only be to the Customer or its permitted transferee(s). In order to make a claim under this Limited Warranty, Customer must (a) provide written proof that Customer is the covered person or entity under the Installation Agreement; (b) prior to beginning any repairs, provide immediate (but in no event later than 30 days) written notice to Bullet EV of the claimed defect sufficiently describing the location and details of the claimed defect such that Bullet EV can properly investigate the matter; (c) provide Bullet EV reasonable and necessary access to the Property to inspect the claimed areas at issue and complete any investigation into the cause of the alleged defects; and (d) at Customer’s expense, protect all affected property, Charger components and/or products until such time as Bullet EV can investigate and repair any confirmed defect applicable under this Limited Warranty. If the defects are determined to be within the scope of this Limited Warranty, Bullet EV will make the necessary repairs at Bullet EV’s expense. Bullet EV’s repair of any defects shall be the SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY available to the Customer, and any repairs made by Bullet EV pursuant to this Limited Warranty shall constitute a full and final settlement and release of all claims for damages or other relief, and a complete bar to any future recovery of any kind or nature relating to same. Bullet EV will not refund or reimburse any costs or expenses for repairs made by Customer or any other third parties.


Exclusions to Limited Warranty:

None of the warranties offered under the Installation Agreement or otherwise shall apply to: (a) ordinary wear and tear; (b) neglect, misuse, or abuse of the Charger(s) or the installed products; (c) failure to properly and adequately maintain the Charger(s) or installed products or to follow Bullet EV’s instructions; (d) repair or alterations made by anyone other than Bullet EV; (e) settlement or structural movement and/or movement of materials to which installed products are attached, or any damage from incorrect design or flaws of the structure or underlying property; (f) acts of God or nature including, but not limited to, hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes, severe weather, natural phenomena, or unusual climate conditions; and (g) any cause other than workmanship defects solely and directly attributable to Bullet EV’s installation or repair work.

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