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Allen Rezapour


Mr. Rezapour's impressive career in the automotive industry spans several decades, during which he has established a track record of building and scaling successful companies. Prior to co-founding Bullet EV, he served as the U.S. Managing Director of Europcar USA, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group.


Notably, Mr. Rezapour co-founded and served as the former co-CEO of Fox Rent-A-Car, where he oversaw the company's growth from a small fleet of vehicles to over $350 million in revenue, with 26 locations in the U.S. and over 110 affiliates worldwide. Under his leadership, Fox Rent-A-Car's owned fleet expanded to over 20,000 vehicles. In 2019, Mr. Rezapour oversaw Fox Rent-A-Car's successful exit to Europcar Mobility Group, one of the world's largest auto rental companies with operations in 140 countries across Europe, North America, Western Asia, and Africa. Following this acquisition, Europcar was later acquired by Volkswagen in 2021.


As a career entrepreneur, Mr. Rezapour has also built and sold several other successful companies in addition to Fox Rent-A-Car. His expertise in scaling businesses and navigating complex acquisitions has made him a highly respected figure in the automotive industry.

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