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Jack Barraco

Lead, Commercial EV Charger Sales

Jack Barraco is a seasoned EV charging professional with over seven years of experience in the industry. Prior to joining Bullet EV, Jack grew a startup EV charging distribution company into one of the largest EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) distributors in North America. Jack has experience selling and assisting in the installation of Direct Current Fast Charger (DCFC) and Level 2 (L2) hardware and software. He has worked on numerous large-scale EV charging projects nationwide, gaining expertise in all aspects of EV charger deployment and maintenance. During his career, Jack has built key relationships with EVSE partners including ChargePoint, ABB, EVBox, BTCPower, EVConnect, Siemens, etc. Jack is a true auto-enthusiast fully immersed in automotive culture. Prior to entering the auto industry, Jack studied Culinary Photography at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

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